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JROTC January News

Our JROTC program is going well considering the challenges that COVID-19 left us with. Our JROTC Troop will be marching and displaying our nation’s colors in the Silver Lakes’ annual Christmas Parade. Please come out and join us in celebrating the Holidays and in enjoying our community’s companionship. Happy Holidays […]

Happy Holidays! December 2021 Updates & ASB News

From the Desk of Dr. Esposito Dear Independence Charter Academy Students and Families, Thank you all so much for working hard this past semester, and thank you to all our parents who also worked hard in assisting our students with work and meeting deadlines. As we conclude 2021, and break […]

Elementary, Middle and High School News – December 2021

Elementary News 3rd-8th grade students: “Bee” on the lookout for Spelling Bee information in the announcements! You can also email me at nlagergren@helendalesd.com if you would like to participate. Speaking of spelling…while you’ll have to memorize words for the Spelling Bee, learning to spell is not just memorization. Kids actually […]

Don’t Quit

There are hundreds of ‘dichos’ or sayings in the Spanish-speaking world. One of the most popular dichos is “la tercera es la vencida,” which is similar to English’s “the third time’s a charm.” These wise sayings have been repeated from generation to generation because somewhere along the lines, somebody else […]

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