Now Accepting Enrollment Applications for 2024 - 2025.

We provide an alternative school environment that prepares students of all grade levels for excellence. Our teachers and staff work closely with TK-12 students to instill strong values and develop the qualities that will prepare them for real-world success.

All students now receive a Chromebook and case to use for their coursework. For students that do not have access to internet at home, we can also offer internet hotspots in select circumstances.

To enroll your student, please complete our online enrollment form.

What is a charter school?

Charter schools are publicly funded independent schools established by teachers, parents, or community groups under the terms of a charter with a local or national authority. This gives us the flexibility to create practices and curricula that truly meet each student’s need in a way that public schools can’t. We are proud to create an environment where students of all grade levels can excel.

For our high school students, individuals can elect to take classes that match their post-graduation ambitions, including college-prep and concurrent enrollment classes as well as a technical education pathway for those planning to enter the workforce after graduation.

Hear what one of our students had to say about our program after graduation:

“I want to give you the biggest thank you for all the help and support I got from you; for pushing me to do it and make it there! Thank you so much Dr.Esposito for everything and making this happen for me! I’m so thankful that there are people out there like you that are willing to make it happen for kids like me! I’m beyond thankful for everything, everyday when I wake up and I see my cap gown, class ring, and diploma up I get the biggest smile and say to myself that I did that not only by myself but with a lot of help from you! Thank you once again for everything!!!!!”

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Flexible Independent Study

Independent Study

Every student is different, which is why our curriculum provides opportunities for your child to excel.

Cost-free online education for K-12

Free to Attend

Since we are an accredited charter school, Independence Charter Academy is 100% free to attend for all residents of California. Must be located in San Bernardino county or contiguous counties.

Learn anytime with Independence Charter Academy

Learn Anytime

Our flexible online platform is always available, so our students can complete school work whenever is most convenient for them - 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Affiliations with Professional Organizations

Top Affiliations

We are proud to partner with many of the top universities and professional organizations in California to provide an excellent network for our students.

Personalized curriculum

Mission Statement

The mission of the Independence Charter Academy, in conjunction with parental and community support, is to develop all students to the fullest of their potential while educating our students to accomplish their highest level of academic accomplishment and develop a positive self-esteem.

Independent Study for children of all ages

Our Values

We will provide a safe learning environment that nurtures positive character, accountability and values by treating all members of the school community with respect. We will conduct the business of education in a professional, ethical, and legal manner. We will help to ensure an atmosphere conducive to learning, by communicating standards to students and parents.

Online Learning for K-12 Students

Vision Statement

Independence Charter Academy will provide a high-quality education environment that formulates students to be responsible citizens whether they choose post-secondary education, the military or employment following graduation.