College-Prep Graduation Plan

Many of our students go on to attend higher education after graduating from Independence Charter Academy which is why we developed the college-prep graduation plan. We have worked with the University of California and California State University to develop a curriculum that prepares our students for the challenging course load that they can expect at a university level.

Our college-prep pathway includes course requirements in major subject areas like math, science, social studies and English as well as special, college-oriented electives to challenge students to grow to their full potential. Students may also elect to take courses from our Career Technical Education pathway to gain valuable technical skills in a hands-on learning environment. Below is a list of graduation requirements for students interested in higher education.

English I
with Structure of Writing
English II
with Creative Writing
English III
with Advanced Writing
English IV
with Advanced Reading
Algebra I Geometry Algebra II Government
Biology Physical Science Earth Science/Anatomy & Physiology/Chemistry Economics
World History US History AP US History Health Science
Spanish I Spanish II Spanish III Spanish IV
Photography Computer Applications Video Production Art
PE I PE II Advanced PE Advanced PE
Community College Course Community College Course Community College Course Community College Course
Computer Applications
Consumer Math I/II
Music Appreciation
Consumer Math I/II
Music Appreciation

For a complete list of all courses available, view this year’s course catalog.

Concurrent Enrollment Opportunities
We believe in providing students with the opportunity to take steps towards higher education at the rate in which they are ready to move. This is why we encourage students to apply and take college classes while enrolled at ICA. For students in the Helendale School District, concurrent enrollment opportunities are provided through our partnership with Victor Valley College and Barstow College. Enrollment is free for ICA students. Students may also attend any of the local community colleges online.

Are you ready to get started on your path to a college education through independent study? Enroll today!

Our independent study program provides the ideal environment for driven students to prepare for college. By following this graduation plan, students will gain a well-rounded understanding of all topics to prepare them for higher education and beyond.