Career Technical Education Pathway

Independence Charter Academy now offers a Career Technical Education (CTE) curriculum. This exciting offering gives students the opportunity to earn certifications in architecture, construction, family services, business and marketing, and public safety. Our CTE program is offered to any student 16 years old and gives students the entry-level skills necessary to earn jobs or pursue further training after graduation.

ICA’s CTE Grad Plan corresponds to California’s Career Technical Education program and gives students hands-on training taught by skilled instructors using real-world materials, services, and equipment in an industrial environment. This approach focuses on the development of skills that are required in actual job situations and not just the textbook study of subject matter. While in the process of learning relevant career skills, each CTE student can earn up to 20 credits per semester.

Here are some things to keep in mind while you or your child are considering a CTE Grad Plan through ICA:

  • All students are encouraged to take vocational or career technical education courses in high school, regardless of whether or not a college education is a student goal.
  • Credits earned in Regional Occupational Program (ROP) courses carry the same value as credits earned in academic classes and apply towards meeting elective course requirements for graduation.
  • In all classes, students may earn Certificates of Completion listing their competencies.

To help our students navigate through this process, we have a specialized CTE Graduation Plan course schedule. Below is an example of our course schedule that ensures students graduate on time with the skill necessary to achieve their goals.

English I
with Structure of Writing
English II
with Creative Writing
English III
with Advanced Writing
English IV
with Advanced Reading
Algebra I Geometry Algebra II Government
Biology Physical Science Earth Science/Anatomy & Physiology/Chemistry Economics
World History US History AP US History Health Science
Spanish I Spanish II Advanced PE Advanced PE
Photography Computer Applications CTE Pathway CTE Pathway
PE I PE II Work Experience Work Experience
Community College Course Community College Course
Computer Applications
Consumer Math I/II
Music Appreciation
Consumer Math I/II
Music Appreciation

For a complete list of all courses available, view this year’s course catalog.

Are you ready to start the journey of real-life experience to the career of your dreams? Enroll today!

Gain technical skills for the real world

If you're looking to develop valuable, technical skills that will set you above the competition when you enter the work force, the career technical education pathway is for you!