The road to academic success doesn’t end once class is over and you shouldn’t have to wait until tomorrow to ask an important question – find out the answer now, using our online resources, which are available 24/7.

ICA provides a suite of educational tools and resources for students and parents to bolster and augment material learned in classrooms.

We believe that facilitating an environment in which learning can occur at any time throughout the day is the key to preparing students for college, where they will be expected to familiarize themselves with similar tools.

Student Portals

We believe convenience is necessary to enable your student to achieve academic greatness! Access your courses, class resources and curriculum tools all in one place, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. IF your students want to use another device other than the school issued Chromebook, you can – you will need to use this link in any other computer, laptop, phone, IPad to access the HSD Clever App.


If class is over but there’s still work to be done, you’re in the right place! Whether you have a paper to submit or are on a quest for knowledge, these tools are available to you at all times.

Encyclopedia Britannica

Need information about the indigenous insects of Botswana? Are you working on a science project to determine the rate at which humans can metabolize different phospholipids? Either way – there’s useful information available to you all the time with this all-access pass to the Encyclopedia Britannica, available in English and Spanish!

Forgot the login information? Contact your teacher for the updated ICA login.

College Readiness

Rising juniors who are on the college prep gradutaion plan should be sure to register for college testing through the ACT, SAT or both! Be sure to check with the colleges that you are interested in applying for to see which test results they require.

Student athletes may need to register for either the NCAA Clearinghouse or NAIA Clearinghouse to be eligible for college sports scholarships and scouting. Contact each organization to learn more.


Need something else?

If you need a document that you can't seem to find, send us a quick message to let us know. We'll be sure to send it over right away.