April 2024 Updates

This article was last modified on March 27th, 2024.

ICA Families, 

We hope you all have a wonderful Spring Break. We will return to school on April 8, 2024. 

This is the time of year for LCAP surveys. The links below are for student and parent surveys, please send these out to your 3rd grade and above students, and all of your parents. The surveys are anonymous and we are hoping for constructive feedback on how we are doing as a school and District.


We will begin with CA State Testing after break so please check for messages from your homeroom teacher regarding your testing schedule. Students are encouraged to come into the ICA campus for State Testing whenever possible. However, if you cannot make it to campus, remote testing options are available. Please note that you must use your student chromebook for State Testing as there is a built in secure test browser on that device. If your chromebook is out of order please contact tech support at mrodriguez@helendalesd.com or 760-490-9823 before testing begins so we can make sure your chromebook is ready for testing.

Key Upcoming Dates:

April 1st-5thNO SCHOOL Spring Break begins end of Friday March 29th
Monday April 8th – State Testing Begins on our first day back in session
Tuesday April 16th | Helendale CSD Earth Day Event 4th, 5th & 7th graders
Saturday April 27 | Prom @ The Mittens Riverside, Ca
 Friday May 10 | Senior Grad Night @ Disneyland
Wednesday May 22 | ICA Graduation @ ACE High School Gymnasium 6pm
May 23 | Last Day of School


4/27/24 PROM @ The Mitten in Redlands, CA: $120

5/10/24 @ Disneyland GRAD NITE: $219 (sold out)

​Tickets must be purchased in person at the ACE High School Office (Cash or Check Only). We do not sell tickets in the ICA Office. You will also have to fill out the permission slip for both events and return it to ACE High School. Tickets are limited and on a first come, first serve basis.

Any questions please contact Mr. Estrada (ACE) at jestrada@helendalesd.com or 760-952-2396.

Graduation is WEDNESDAY MAY 22, 2024 at ACE High School Gymnasium in Helendale, California at 6:00 in the evening, tickets will be required for entry. The ceremony will take place inside the Gymnasium. Graduates should arrive at 4pm for rehearsal prior to the ceremony.

As ICA Seniors progress through our newly created Seniors Seminar course, which was put together by our staff to better prepare them for their transition to the adult and working worlds, we are seeing our Seniors step up to the challenge of making decisions about their immediate future “after graduation.” The class, “Senior Seminar,” is made up of a combination of  Life and Financial Awareness Skills  that we want our graduates to know prior to them graduating and leaving our school. The primary instructors for the Senior Seminar class will be Mr. Maldonado (rmaldonado@helendalesd.com).

Crist Counselor Corner

The State Testing time is nearly upon us. All students K-8 + 11th grade must take the full batter of the CAASPP testing. Beginning in 10th grade Students can begin taking the science test. All students must attempt the science test before they will be allowed to graduate. Get it done when you are in 10th grade and erase this from your plate!

ICA will begin testing via the following schedule:

  • Tuesday Apr 16, 2024, thru Friday Apr 19, 2024 (No State Testing on Tuesday,April 17, 2024)
  • Tuesday Apr 23, 2024, thru Friday Apr 26, 2024 (No State Testing on Wednesday April 24th)
  • Tuesday Apr 30, 2024, thru Friday May 3, 2024

The testing on site will begin at 8:30 am; the last test you can begin is at 1:00 pm.

Testing can be done at ICA or remotely! Contact me prior by Friday April 12th to set up remote testing.

Now is the time to review each of your classes with your teacher to see if you are on track to successfully complete the class. Since the final day of school is Thursday, May 23, 2024, the final day to submit work will be approximately Wednesday, May 15, 2024. Of course this date is set by each teacher.

 The final day of the 3rd quarter is Friday, March 15, 2024. That gives you 38 school days to complete all your classes. Be aware of these end of the year timelines so you can earn as many credits as possible.

Spring break this year is April 1- Apr 5, 2024. At ICA since all classes are independent study, a student can continue to complete work during spring break. If you need to catch up in some of your classes this is a perfect time to do so!

As always if you have any questions or concerns, you can email me at bcrist@helendalesd.com or call me at 760-952-1760!

Bill Crist – ICA Counselor


  • Check your Helendale email account.
  • Check your Edmentum messages.
  • Log into each of your classes and complete an activity in your class portals.

Please complete numbers 1, 2, and 3 on your daily checklist! 

MondayLog into each of your classes and complete an activity in your class portals.
TuesdayLog into each of your classes and complete an activity in your class portals.
WednesdayLog into each of your classes and complete an activity in your class portals.
ThursdayLog into each of your classes and complete an activity in your class portals.
FridayFill out PE log for the week, complete one activity in your Exact Path Learning Path (ELA/READING/ELA),
Log on to Pathful Connect website and investigate a career that interests you. Catch up on any class you are behind in.



DO NOT SKIP TUTORIALS or your instructors will fail you for that lesson;

DO NOT SKIP Unit Activities they are worth 10% of your final grade, try your best and talk to your teacher if you need help.

Be sure to check and see if your ICONS are Green, if they are in red you are behind and are in danger of failing the class and will not be able to compete in activities.

Elementary School

K-12 is a Stride company that offers tuition-free education with state-certified teachers, innovative digital curriculum, and the support and structure of a school community. It adheres to all state curriculum and assessment requirements to ensure that students stay on pace with the rest of their peers while learning at their own pace, in their own place. Click the link below to get started:

Middle School & High School

Access your courses, class resources and curriculum tools all in one place, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. IF your students want to use another device other than the school issued Chromebook, you can – you will just need to use this link below to access our Clever App to log into our student portal.


Grades TK-5ExactPath(Edmentum); 
Grade 6ExactPath(Edmentum); 
Edmentum – ENG, HIS; SCI. MATH, SPAN
Pathful – Career Readiness
Grades 7 & 8ExactPath(Edmentum); 
Edmentum – ENG, HIS; SCI. SPANUC SCOUT – MATH Pathful – Career Readiness
Grades 9-12ExactPath(Edmentum); 
Edmentum – Some electivesUC SCOUT – ALL Core ClassesPathful – Career Readiness

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