August 2023 Updates

This article was last modified on August 15th, 2023.

From the Desk of Dr. Esposito

Dear ICA Families,

Happy Friday!  You should have all three assessments completed now, if not please complete these.

On Fridays we would like you to do these three items:

  1. Fill out your PE log for the week(they are due every nine weeks for your grade)
  2. Go into a Learning Path in Exact Path and complete one lesson in Math and ELA
  3. Make sure your classes are current in all your learning platforms.

Our teachers are working with UC Scout to get all your classes set up, please be patient – as soon as they get access to them, your Advisory teacher will send you a code for each of your classes you need to complete.

Dr. Esposito

Key Upcoming Dates:

First day of Semester                                           8/7/23

HSD Dental Screenings                                       8/23/23

“Our goal is to develop our students, to earn what we get, to learn, to develop unselfish attitudes. If we achieve that, the result is that we’ll win.” – Marv Levy

Grades TK-5


Grade 6


Edmentum – ENG, HIS; SCI. MATH, SPAN

Pathful – Career Readiness

Grades 7 & 8


Edmentum – ENG, HIS; SCI. SPAN


Pathful – Career Readiness

Grades 9-12


Edmentum – Some electives

UC SCOUT – ALL Core Classes

Pathful – Career Readiness

Daily ICA Student Checklist

Monday Complete your assessment in Reading
Tuesday Complete your assessment in Math
Wednesday Complete your assessment in ELA
Thursday Meet with your homeroom teacher to make sure you can see all your classes for next week.
Friday Complete PE Log for the week and one lesson/ in your Learning Paths (ELA/READING/MATH)
Daily Check your Helendale email & your Edmentum messages. Fill out your PE Log.


DO NOT SKIP TUTORIALS or your instructors will fail you for that lesson.

DO NOT SKIP Unit Activities they are worth 10% of your final grade. Try your best and talk to your teacher if you need help.


Be sure to check and see if your ICONS are Green. If they are in RED you are behind and are in danger of failing the class and will not be able to compete in activities.

Directions for Student Enrollment in UC SCOUT

(click here for directions with images)

Use Chrome or Firefox, (instead of Safari or Internet Explorer) as an internet browser.

Student, create an account with your information. DO NOT create an account with your guardian’s information!

  1. If you already have a UC Scout account, click here to log in

  2. If you do not have a UC Scout account, click here to create one

  3. Save your login ID, password, secret question and answer in a safe location. You will need this to log in and if needed, reset your password.

  4. Select the “Enrollment” tab then “Invitation Code”

  5. Copy and paste the invitation code provided by your school and click “Look Up”

  6. Click “Register Me” and follow the checkout steps

  7. Once you register, it will take one hour before you can access the online classroom. If you attempt to log in before one hour, your attempt will be denied.

Mr. Rodriguez’ Stuff: Tech Information You Need To Know

Mr. Rodriguez is our new Director of Technology and is always eager to assist you at any time. The Tech hotline is open from 7am-4pm daily, but you can leave messages after hours and Mr. Rodriguez will get back to you on the next school day.

Tech Help Line: 760-490-9823
7:00am – 4:00pm | Mon – Fri

Helpful Links:

Facebook-  https://www.facebook.com/ICAcademy1
Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/p/CZHvRO6pwUh/
Edmentum – https://www.edmentum.com/product-login
Aeries – https://helendalesd.aeries.net/
Clever – Clever.com


Follow the instruction below to download – parents and staff can also download this app as well!

Scan the QR Code using phone camera
Click on the QR code for the iOS instruction video
Click the one-spot picture for Chromebook directions.

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