World Languages Cultural Corner: ¡Feliz día de los reyes!

This article was last modified on January 4th, 2021.

Tolerance means having respect, acceptance, and an appreciation for the diversity around us. The world is a BIG place outside of our four walls, and people express themselves differently across cultures. Tolerance means living harmoniously with these differences even if they look, sound and are possibly really different from our own traditions.

Many of the holidays celebrated in the Spanish speaking world have their roots grounded in Christianity such as el día de los reyes, or Three kings’ Day, which is celebrated on January 6th. El día de los reyes is a popular holiday that commemorates the visit of the Wise Men who brought gifts to Jesus as a child. On this day, children from the Spanish speaking world leave their shoes underneath the Christmas tree, or by the door, so that the “reyes” can leave them gifts as well. Oftentimes, a bowl of water and a bit of hay is left nearby for the kings’ camels to enjoy. There is much excitement and anticipation on the night before el día de los reyes, for this is the day when gifts are exchanged in Spain, the Caribbean, and the Americas. In fact, friends and family gather to share a meal and a rosca, which is a delicious sweet bread that is shaped like a wreath or a crown. Baked within the rosca is a small plastic figure of a child which symbolizes Jesus when He had to be hidden from the evil King Herod’s troops who were ordered to find and kill Him. Whoever is lucky enough to get that piece of the rosca in their slice gets the honor of hosting the next big party in early February!

My hopes are that you will enjoy learning about other cultures and their traditions as you embrace your own. I would love to know about your family traditions! If you would like to tell me about them, email me at jsepulveda@helendalesd.com . My most sincere well wishes for you and your loved ones this 2021 New Year. All the best to you, and ¡Feliz día de los reyes!

~Ms. Sepúlveda

¡Feliz día de los reyes!

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