Did You Know?: Love is in the Air!

This article was last modified on February 4th, 2021.

The Greeks have three words for ‘love.’ The first is PHILEO, which is a ‘brotherly love.’ This type of love is conditional. It is a give and take type of relationship. I do something for you and you do something for me. The second type of love is EROS, which is a ‘romantic’ love. This type of love is conditional as well. Ask anyone in a relationship which has lasted more than a month… this type of love is CONDITIONAL! The third type of love the Greeks spoke of is AGAPE love. This is truly an unconditional type of love. This is love that gives with no expectation of return.

As you continue your educational journey through ICA realize that the staff do have expectations of your participation in your own success. We love you with a PHILEO love. This love is given but much is expected in return. We will Zoom, text, email, or talk on the phone to ensure your success but we expect you to do more for yourself than we are doing for you.

February is the month of ‘love.’ Love yourself enough to spend the time necessary to succeed, to dream, to accomplish, and to discover the person each and every staff member of ICA knows you to be. YOU are worth the investment and we LOVE serving you as your teachers, cheerleaders, and coaches. When you walk for graduation we will know our investment has paid off. Keep pushing forward through the difficulties, challenges, pain, frustrations, and insecurities of life. For those of us that have gone before you, we can boldly proclaim, “You will LOVE the view from the top!” We believe in you and are excited to be on this journey with you. Know that you are loved and worth the investment. Just ask us!

– Mr. Erb

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