Elementary, Middle and High School News – October 2021

This article was last modified on January 26th, 2022.

Elementary News

Happy Fall! The perfect time to start a good book!

Did you know, listening to stories can be just as important to your reading progress as reading them yourself? If you don’t have access to a lot of books in your home, you have access to stories online through sites like StorylineOnline, Scholastic, Freechildrenstories, YouTube, & more. Here are some Facts about Reading.

Happy Reading! – Mrs. L

Middle School News

The middle school students are off to a terrific start and we will guide them through the semester. Please look at the tutoring schedule in this Newsletter if your child needs assistance in any subject. We are so willing to assist. Our Principal also sends out the tutoring schedule daily to all the students in Edmentum. Please get into a habit of checking your Helendale email and your Edmentum messages daily.

Ms. Gjerde and Mr. Kast

High School News

Our first senior meeting of the year will be Thursday, October 21, 2021, in Room 7 on the ICA campus. Our Senior class this year is composed of a group of young people who are ready to step out into the real world and take their place as the next generation of dreamers, builders, and leaders.

We are very proud to have been part of their lives and to have been involved in watching them grow and mature into the people we imagined they would be. Many of our seniors have been with ICA since middle school, so it has been a real pleasure, and sometimes a real challenge to get to where they are now. We still have a lot of hard work to do, but together we will get there. We look forward to the last part of our shared journey as we get them across the graduation finish line.

Want to hear a scary story?? In some districts in California, only 50% of the students will graduate high school. Yikes! That is scarier than any ghost, goblin, or ghoul story you may hear. The great news is that you are in a school that REFUSES for that to be YOUR story! The teachers and staff of ICA are willing to help you through your moments of fright and frustration. With individualized education, many tutoring opportunities, and a principal who wants to stand in the gap between who you are and who you desire to be.

There is nothing more frightening for a parent/guardian than to see a progress report which does not reflect the fullest potential of their kid. They go to work, ask questions, push, shove, threaten, and promise; all to ensure you live a life free from harm. We want to help us INSPIRE others rather than face the daunting task of trying to raise people from their career graves! Working a job you hate is horrific!

Instead of spending this October focusing on Halloween, let’s make October a time of HARVEST! Plant those seeds of hope, dedication, and determination so you can terrorize anything that would stand in your way. Instead of wearing a costume for a day, how about getting dressed in your professional business attire! There is no TRICK about it. A great education is the greatest TREAT! Mr. Erb

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