Elementary & Middle School News – March 2023

This article was last modified on March 2nd, 2023.

Elementary News

Check in with your Teacher everyday, try to attend at least one Zoom meeting a week.

Log into each of your Learning Paths, Reading eggs, & Mathseeds every day. You should complete one Progress Check each week in ELA, Math, and Reading in edmentum and a lesson a week in Reading eggs/eggspress & Mathseeds.

State testing will be coming up soon. One of the things kids often struggle with is computer skills. Lucky for you, you have a lot of practice on the computer, but how are your typing skills? We often get complacent, or lazy and use informal text (not capitalizing, abbreviating, using acronyms) in our daily lives, but on State testing we need to use formal text. Use typing.com to help with typing fluency and speed, but don’t forget to practice using proper English as well…punctuation, capitalization, & grammar. Get in the habit of using proper text in all of your school work.

Happy Learning! -Mrs. L

Middle School News

Join the 26th Annual National Student Poetry Contest for a chance to win a $500.00 prize! The entry deadline is APRIL 30.  Use this link to enter online libraryofpoetry.com

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