High School News – Dec 2022

This article was last modified on December 1st, 2022.

Freshman News

We are hitting the home stretch in this first semester with 2 ½ weeks left.  The biggest reason that students fall behind is because of not putting enough time in on their work.  Make sure that your student has a school work schedule and routine to help allow them to keep up with their work.

It was great to have many students join in the Heart of a Hall of Famer Zoom interview last week that was put on by the NFL Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio.  Students got a chance to meet hall of famer Alan Page.  Students are invited to attend the next Heart of a Hall of Famer on December 7th where they will get a chance to meet and interact with hall of famer Andre Reed.  I hope to see all of my freshmen and 8th graders there.

– Mr. Kast

Sophomore News

Monday Complete one lesson/box in every subject in your Edmentum class shell
Tuesday Complete one lesson/box in every subject in your Edmentum class shell
Wednesday Complete one lesson/box in every subject in your Edmentum class shell
Thursday Complete one lesson/box in every subject in your Edmentum class shell
Friday MAKE SURE YOU CLASS ICONS ARE GREEN, then, fill out PE log for the week, get into learning paths (ELA/READING/ELA) and complete an activity in each.

Junior News

It’s that time of year where just about everywhere you go, you will hear Christmas music playing. In fact, one of my favorite traditional songs is God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen which was written in the 18th century and whose chorus says “Oh tidings of comfort and joy; comfort and joy; oh tidings of comfort and joy!” It’s almost impossible for me to resist humming along whenever I hear it.

Scholars, this Holiday Season I wish you and your family continued comfort through anything that may have caused you affliction these past 11 months. Moreover, I really wish you all an avalanche of joy this December! Joy is defined as a feeling of great pleasure and happiness that is experienced despite one’s circumstances. Therefore, I wholeheartedly encourage you to find your joy again if you have lost it. This might, for example, mean going back to the things that used to make you happy but that you stopped doing, or it may even require trying new things! Whatever the case, I encourage you to guard the two areas of your life where joy can disappear: your amazing heart, which represents your emotions and feelings, and your precious mind, which refers to your way of thinking. Indeed, “God rest ye merry gentlemen, let nothing you dismay!”

Congratulations on having completed the first semester! I hope that you enjoy the Winter Break and that you have a very Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year! See you in 2023!

~Ms. Sepúlveda

Senior News

Graduation is WEDNESDAY MAY 24, 2023 at Adelanto Stadium in Adelanto, California.

Senior Class Corner by Mr. Maldonado

This school year ICA has created a new class for our Seniors in order to better prepare them for their transition to the adult and working worlds.

The class, “Senior Seminar,” is made up of a combination of  Life and Financial Awareness Skills  that we want our graduates to know prior to them graduating and leaving our school. The primary instructors for the Senior Seminar class will be Mr. Josh Behnke (JBehnke@helendalesd.com) and Mr. R. Maldonado (rmaldonado@helendalesd.com).

Further information will follow in the coming days.

Senior Pictures

Any seniors interested in purchasing senior pictures can do so. The photographer we use is A.Parker Photography. Aracely Gonzalez is the owner and her phone number is 760-694-2008. You can contact her to set up an appointment to get your sitting time and senior pictures completed.

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