High School News – Nov 2022

This article was last modified on November 1st, 2022.

Freshman News

It’s great to be back again this year and am pleased with students’ enthusiasm to begin the year.  Parents, make sure that your student develops a daily schedule and has a good work area.  These two things play a vital role in how productive and attentive students are with their work.  If any students are interested in playing sports, all ICA students are allowed to try out for our sports teams at RMS and ACE.  Any students who are interested can see me for details.

– Mr. Kast

Sophomore News

Monday Complete one lesson/box in every subject in your Edmentum class shell
Tuesday Complete one lesson/box in every subject in your Edmentum class shell
Wednesday Complete one lesson/box in every subject in your Edmentum class shell
Thursday Complete one lesson/box in every subject in your Edmentum class shell
Friday MAKE SURE YOU CLASS ICONS ARE GREEN, then, fill out PE log for the week, get into learning paths (ELA/READING/ELA) and complete an activity in each.

Junior News

Freedom of speech is a precious right granted to Americans by the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.  In fact, the guaranteed freedoms of this Amendment make the people of the United States of America one of the most diverse societies in the world because of the freedom to express one’s personal beliefs.  Imagine, however, what life would be like without this freedom of expression.

Such was the case for an erudite scholar named Luis De León who lived in Spain during the 1500s.  Luis was the first to dare translate and publish a book of the Bible (Song of Solomon) from Latin to Spanish and was imprisoned by his powerful frenemies who watched his career from afar with envy.  Yet the attempted sabotage did little to deter his productivity because De León would continue to write poetry from behind bars as he awaited the bogus trial that never came. (This drove his haters nuts.) Moreover, tradition has it that Fray Luis De León began his crowded university lecture on the day after returning from his four years prison term with the Latin phrase Dicebamus hesterna die (“As we were saying yesterday….”) and he picked up where he left off when officers interrupted his class to arrest him.

Success is the best revenge and De León went on to become a renowned author of the Spanish Renaissance period, and a respected department chair in the oldest university in Spain, the University of Salamanca. His greatest weapon was, indeed, his education.

You and I have awesome freedoms granted to us by the law of this land that weren’t free.  Furthermore, you have the opportunity to study and pursue whatever career choice you want regardless of your gender, name origin, age, or religious beliefs. What an amazing gift, Scholars! This November 11th, Veteran’s Day, it would be nice to thank a veteran for their service in protecting those rights.  Furthermore, I encourage you to do some research on human rights, and you will find that all around the world people are imprisoned or persecuted for practicing what many of us oftentimes take for granted.  All the more reason to declare “God bless our veterans; God bless America!

Happy Veteran’s Day!
Happy Thanksgiving!

~Ms. Sepúlveda

Senior News

Graduation is WEDNESDAY MAY 24, 2023 at Adelanto Stadium in Adelanto, California.

Senior Class Corner by Mr. Maldonado

This school year ICA has created a new class for our Seniors in order to better prepare them for their transition to the adult and working worlds.

The class, “Senior Seminar,” is made up of a combination of  Life and Financial Awareness Skills  that we want our graduates to know prior to them graduating and leaving our school. The primary instructors for the Senior Seminar class will be Mr. Josh Behnke (JBehnke@helendalesd.com) and Mr. R. Maldonado (rmaldonado@helendalesd.com).

Further information will follow in the coming days.

Senior Pictures

Any seniors interested in purchasing senior pictures can do so. The photographer we use is A.Parker Photography. Aracely Gonzalez is the owner and her phone number is 760-694-2008. You can contact her to set up an appointment to get your sitting time and senior pictures completed.

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