High School News – Sept 2022

This article was last modified on September 1st, 2022.

Freshman News

It’s great to be back again this year and am pleased with the students’ enthusiasm to begin the year.  Parents, ensure your student develops a daily schedule and has a good work area.  These two things are vital in how productive and attentive students are with their work.  If any students are interested in playing sports, all ICA students are allowed to try out for our sports teams at RMS and ACE.  Any students who are interested can see me for details.

Sophomore News

Monday Complete one lesson/box in every subject in your Edmentum class shell
Tuesday Complete one lesson/box in every subject in your Edmentum class shell
Wednesday Complete one lesson/box in every subject in your Edmentum class shell
Thursday Complete one lesson/box in every subject in your Edmentum class shell
Friday MAKE SURE YOU CLASS ICONS ARE GREEN, then, fill out PE log for the week, get into learning paths (ELA/READING/ELA) and complete an activity in each.

Junior News

Origin of the word generous:

Etymology (the study of where and how words originated) fascinates me. It always has. In fact, long before I studied abroad in Madrid, Spain for a year, or traveled to foreign countries on missionary trips, or taught, I have always enjoyed learning about the structures of different languages, customs, and especially cultures.

Did you know that the word generous is derived from one of the oldest languages in the world? It comes from Latin, the language that originated in Italy. In fact, as the Roman Empire expanded, the different variations of Latin spread throughout the Old World and people began to change how a word was written, pronounced, and used. However, although the spelling or the pronunciation of a word may change, there are universal truths that are cross-cultural, and cross-generational, and that has remained the same throughout.

The following article on the benefits of having a generous spirit is based on scientific research. I believe that some mental health issues could improve if more people would focus more on giving, rather than on having a “what’s in it for me” attitude. What do you say, ICA Scholars, ready to try being more generous with your smiles, time, kind words, and other resources?  Check out this article and tell me what you think at jsepulveda@helendalesd.com .


Senior News

Graduation is WEDNESDAY MAY 24, 2023 at Adelanto Stadium in Adelanto, California.

Senior Class Corner by Mr. Maldonado

This school year ICA has created a new class for our Seniors in order to better prepare them for their transition to the adult and working worlds.

The class, “Senior Seminar,” is made up of a combination of  Life and Financial Awareness Skills that we want our graduates to know prior to them graduating and leaving our school. The primary instructors for the Senior Seminar class will be Mr. Josh Banke ( JBehnke@helendalesd.com) and Mr. R. Maldonado (rmaldonado@helendalesd.com).

Further information will follow in the coming days.

Senior Announcements!

All seniors please make sure you come into ICA and let our staff take your yearbook photo, this will be put into the yearbook.

Graduation is WEDNESDAY MAY 24, 2023 at Maverick Stadium in Adelanto, California

Any seniors interested in purchasing senior pictures can do so.  The photographer we use is Gonzalez Photography.  Aracely Gonzalez is the owner and her phone number is 760-694-2008.  You can contact her to set up an appointment to get your sitting time and senior pictures completed.

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