Mr. Crist’s Counseling Corner

This article was last modified on April 9th, 2021.

Bill Crist, ICA Counselor

I gleaned this from a University of Iowa newsletter.

Following spring break is a make or break time for many students. It has been a long school year and the though process is to “coast the rest of the way!” However, this is the time to continue your commitment for only 6 more weeks! Following are some tips which may help you stay motivated after spring break:

  1. Stay Organized
  2. Get a Good Night’s Rest
  3. Reward Yourself, especially after completing your daily commitment
  4. Create Goals
  5. Stay Healthy- especially this year with COVID, eat healthy!
  6. Become Inspired – music, exercise, watch an uplifting video
  7. Fight Procrastination – do not put off what you can do today!
  8. Find Support Friends – Family – etc.
  9. Keep a Steady Routine Do the little things daily and the big things will take care of themselves
  10. Be Positive “ I know I can, I know I can” 

Have a great spring break!

Parents and students I am available 24/7 on my email at Bcrist@helendalesd.com if you have any questions regarding classes and transcripts, graduation planning, college entrance/application requirements.

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