October 2023 Updates

This article was last modified on October 31st, 2023.

Dear ICA Families,

Together with our teachers, and staff, I want to welcome our students and school community back to Independence Charter Academy.  I hope all of our families had a fun summer where great experiences were had and lasting memories made.  ICA is ready to welcome our students back to engage in meaningful learning experiences and continue to move toward reaching our goal of becoming a high school graduate.

Our enthusiastic and committed teachers have been working during the summer in planning sessions, attending professional development, and getting classes ready. I am confident that together we will have a productive and enriching 2023 – 2024 school year!

It is evident to us that the culture of the school is centered around our students’ well-being and we value that.  Our work will continue to focus on the development of Professional Development opportunities for our teachers, strengthening of our structure, and ensuring that all of our students learn our essential standards.  Certainly, a safe and supportive school environment, as well as providing social-emotional support, is at the core of our work.

Our school will be stronger with the support of its community.  We invite you to take advantage of the opportunities to support our students’ learning and experiences. I look forward to meeting you and working with you this academic year.

Dr. Esposito

Key Upcoming Dates:

Helendale Youth Sports Sign-ups  https://helendalecsd.org/sports.php
Parent Teacher Conferences 10/16/23 – 10/18/23
Homecoming Dance (ACE) 10/21
Haunted House (ACE) 10/27
ICA Trick or Treat – Tuesday October 31st @ 11:30am


  • Check your Helendale email account.
  • Check your Edmentum messages.
  • Log into each of your classes and complete an activity in your class portals.

Please complete numbers 1, 2, and 3 on your daily checklist! 

MondayLog into each of your classes and complete an activity in your class portals.
TuesdayLog into each of your classes and complete an activity in your class portals.
WednesdayLog into each of your classes and complete an activity in your class portals.
ThursdayLog into each of your classes and complete an activity in your class portals.
FridayFill out PE log for the week, complete one activity in your Exact Path Learning Path (ELA/READING/ELA),
Log on to Pathful Connect website and investigate a career that interests you. Catch up on any class you are behind in.



DO NOT SKIP TUTORIALS or your instructors will fail you for that lesson;

DO NOT SKIP Unit Activities they are worth 10% of your final grade, try your best and talk to your teacher if you need help.

Be sure to check and see if your ICONS are Green, if they are in red you are behind and are in danger of failing the class and will not be able to compete in activities.

Student below is a link for some Canvas pointers – it is a quick guide to Canvas, it can help you if you are enrolled in a UC Scout course


NO WINNER YESTERDAY please take a screenshot of your results – and the highest amount of correct answers wins the daily prize, IF there is more than one submission with the same amount of correct answers the score will count as the tiebreaker!  Email me screenshots to Mesposito@helendalesd.com please only do it once and do not google answers.  

OCT Newsletter

SEPT Newsletter

AUG Newsletter

Math Pointers you should begin to understand:

P           Parenthesis  (Do all work in parenthesis first – in order)

E           Exponents

M/D      Multiplication/Division – in order from left to right (If multiplication comes first do it first – if division comes first do it first)

A/S       Addition/Subtraction – in order from left to right (if addition comes first do it first – if subtraction comes first do if first)

If you have a fraction problem – follow order of operation for the numerator first

                                                   then follow order of operation for the denominator

                                                   last – do the division problem

Mrs. Ratajesak’s Zoom Meeting Link
Math Help Click Here

Directions for Student Enrollment UC SCOUT

Students: Follow the directions below or click here for directions with images:

Use Chrome or Firefox, (instead of Safari or Internet Explorer) as an internet browser.

Student, create an account with your information. DO NOT create an account with your guardian’s information!

  1. If you already have a UC Scout account, click here to log in
  2. If you do not have a UC Scout account, call Mr. Rodriguez at Tech Helpline number is 760-490-9823.
  3. Save your login ID, password, secret question and answer in a safe location. You will need this to log in and if needed, reset your password.
  4. Select the “Enrollment” tab then “Invitation Code”
  5. Copy and paste the invitation code provided by your school and click “Look Up”
  6. Click “Register Me” and follow the checkout steps
  7. Once you register, it will take one hour before you can access the online classroom. If you attempt to log in before one hour, your attempt will be denied.


Grades TK-5ExactPath(Edmentum); 
Grade 6ExactPath(Edmentum); 
Edmentum – ENG, HIS; SCI. MATH, SPAN
Pathful – Career Readiness
Grades 7 & 8ExactPath(Edmentum); 
Edmentum – ENG, HIS; SCI. SPANUC SCOUT – MATH Pathful – Career Readiness
Grades 9-12ExactPath(Edmentum); 
Edmentum – Some electivesUC SCOUT – ALL Core ClassesPathful – Career Readiness

Tech Helpline number is 760-490-9823.
Mr. Rodriguez is our new Director of Technology.

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