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This article was last modified on March 1st, 2021.

I don’t know about you, but the Global Covid-19 Pandemic definitely has me missing the excitement of traveling to new places. Once the world begins to return to normal, one place I would recommend you visit is Boston, Massachusetts. Boston is one of those cities that leaves a lasting impression and might even get you to leave the ‘r’ off of some words (I highly recommend the lobstah rolls).

The first time I visited Boston I was 14 years old, tagging along on my Dad’s business trip. The next thing I knew I was 17 and back in the city visiting Boston University. It wasn’t until I saw the soccer team playing a game in the snow that I decided UCSD was a better fit. But the chance of snow is part of the fun when visiting Boston!

Since then I’ve been back to Boston several times and I never miss the chance to spend a day in the North End, better known as Little Italy. My favorite spot is Mike’s Pastry. It’s a sweet little bakery with the most amazing Italian desserts and an old school vibe. I always get a box of cannolis and pizzelles.

Aside from the incredible food, Boston is also known for its rich history. After you’ve stuffed yourself with pasta and cannolis I recommend taking a walking tour on the Freedom Trail. You can download the app, put in your headphones and walk 2.5 miles through some of the most famous historic locations. The site of the Boston Massacre and Paul Revere’s house are just a couple of the treasures on this walk (not to mention some amazingly creepy cemeteries from the 1700’s).

For you sports fans I cannot fail to mention Fenway Park, arguably one of the most historic stadiums in the United States. Fenway park is the oldest baseball stadium and the first official baseball game took place there on April 9, 1912. The Red Sox have been playing there ever since. If you want a real taste of Boston and the people who live there, Fenway Park is the place to go.

If you get the chance someday, I highly recommend visiting Boston, Massachusetts.

-Ms. Hannah Gjerde

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