Victor Valley College Classes 2021-2022

This article was last modified on January 26th, 2022.

Fall Classes will begin AUGUST 30, 2021

Please make sure you have applied if you are doing concurrent enrollment

This year our ICA campus will act as a satellite-type campus for Victor Valley College, which means students can take college classes online for FREE using the concurrent enrollment program that so many of our students use. We would strongly suggest this for students who can earn college credit in these classes that can transfer to any university when they enroll. The classes will appear face to face but because of COVID, they will be completed online.

Here are the steps you need to take to get in classes:

  1. FIRST apply to Victor Valley College here: http://www0.vvc.edu/offices/admissions-records/apply-for-admission.shtml
  2. FOLLOWING THE APPLICATION you will be given a CCC Registry#
  3. THEN you will receive a VVC Student ID# – THEN use your Student ID # to set up your “Webadvisor” account this is the communication hub for everything you do so it is important.
  4. When you set up your Webadvisor account you will need to complete the Online Survey and Online Orientation.
  5. Contact Dr. Esposito, Mr. Crist or your teacher and we will work together to enroll you in any classes you wish to take

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