Welcome Back Messages from Teachers & Staff

This article was last modified on January 26th, 2022.

Welcome Back!

Once again, ICA’s Junior Reserve OfficerTraining Corp (JROTC) will be part of our effort to create leaders out of our students focusing on Integrity, Character, and Achievement. This school year we will be inviting middle school grades to join our ranks as we try to expand our program and ethics to the younger members of our student body in hopes of creating a student environment of leadership, responsibility, positive decision-making skills, problem-solving, and critical thinking.

As we come back from COVID and are able to gather and interact “face-to-face,” there will still be some COVID protocols we will have to follow.

– Mr. Maldonado

As the freshman advisor, I will be setting up a time for us to meet this month for a meet and greet and to begin to look at future activities for freshmen and ICA.

As your science teacher, I have been communicating with all of you in regards to your science work and want to remind all of you that I am available whenever you have questions or need help. You all are welcome to meet with me in my class Zoom or you can come to school. It was great to meet all of you this past month and let’s have a great September!

– Mr. Kast

Hi everyone!

One of my favorite things to do is READ! Did you know just like most things, in order to be good at it, reading takes practice. So start small, choose something you like, and READ EVERY DAY!!! Here are some tips for reading Fluency (Accuracy, Speed, & Expression).

Click here for fluency tips for parents

Happy Reading!
– Mrs. Lagergren

Did you know that solving math problems is like being a detective? If you read carefully, there are always clues that give you hints. Using your highlighting tools is a great way to find these clues. Always read the question first and underline keywords. Then decide what the problem is asking you to do. Get out those magnifying glasses and have fun being a math detective!

– Mrs. Wynne

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