Wynne’s Writing Tip & Writing Contest Winners

This article was last modified on November 2nd, 2020.

Students are never too young to start writing. One of the best ways for students to learn about story structure is to listen and tell stories. Whether a parent reads to a child, listens to a book on tape, tells a child a bedtime story, or relays a personal story, students will absorb the structure of a story.

Another way to start the writing process is through oral storytelling cards. Students choose pictures and arrange them in any order. They can draw pictures, print clipart, or cut photos from a magazine or newspaper. They then verbally make up a story based on the pictures. Involve siblings by having each student add on to their story with the next picture. For older children, they can write their story on a piece of paper. Give it a try with these fun printable autumn story cards.

Happy writing!

Writing Contest Winners

Congratulations to Joshua Searles, Alejandro Campos, and Atalina Motu for winning the October 20th Writing Contest!

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