Wynne’s Writing Tip: February 2021

This article was last modified on February 4th, 2021.

Writing takes shape in many forms. It isn’t just about writing a paper or doing a book report. In fact, one of the earliest forms of writing was cave paintings! Writing consists of any form of communication. So next time you send a text, write an email, or compose a letter remember you are writing. The most important part is that you convey your thoughts clearly. Besides re-reading what you wrote, try reading it out loud or ask someone in your family to read it and ask them if it makes sense. Oftentimes it makes sense to us, but not to an outsider.

Have you ever written a text or email only to have that person become offended or angry? It is hard to convey feeling and tone in short messages. We need to think about our choice of words, or lack of words if we want our reader to understand our point of view. Try reading your message as if you are a complete stranger, or as I tell my students an alien from another planet. Would you understand it? Would it make sense? Do you need to add more information?

If you practice in your day to day communication, writing and revising will become easier in your daily school work.

Happy writing!

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