April 2023 Updates

This article was last modified on April 4th, 2023.

From the Desk of Dr. Esposito

Dear ICA Families,

Welcome to the month of April! We are about to really get to our busy time of the school year with state testing underway. We will complete this in April and will be sending out emails through this month with times and dates. We believe your teachers have done an amazing job preparing you for this test, but as your principal, I want you to know that we believe that you are. I want to thank our teachers and staff for a remarkable job thus far. ICA is really engaging in a lot of fun activities for the first time. It is hard to believe that we have already participated in seven field trips for our students and the school year is almost over. Please pay close attention to our ICA Student checklist, this will guide you to academic success at our school.

Our graduation commencement ceremony will be in 54 days and will be at Adelanto Stadium in Adelanto, California. We will be meeting with all seniors monthly to ensure that they have everything completed and can graduate.

54 Days until Graduation!!!!

Dr. Esposito

Key Upcoming Dates:

Monday, April 3 – Friday, April 7: Spring Break
Tuesday, April 11 – Thursday, April 13: 9 am State Testing Grades 6-8 & 11 ELA
Tuesday, April 11 – Thursday, April 13: 1 pm Physical Education Grades 5, 7, 9
Tuesday, April 18 – Thursday, April 20: 9 am State Testing Grades 6-8 & 11 Math
Tuesday, April 11 – Thursday, April 13: 1 pm Physical Education Grades 5, 7, 9
May 24, 2023: Graduation
May 25: Last day of the Semester

“Our goal is to develop our students, to earn what we get, to learn, to develop unselfish attitudes. If we achieve that, the result is that we’ll win.” – Marv Levy

Daily ICA Student Checklist

Monday Complete one lesson/box in every subject in your Edmentum class shell
Tuesday Complete one lesson/box in every subject in your Edmentum class shell
Wednesday Complete one lesson/box in every subject in your Edmentum class shell
Thursday Complete one lesson/box in every subject in your Edmentum class shell
Friday Complete PE Log for the week and one lesson/ in your Learning Paths (ELA/READING/MATH)
Daily Check your Helendale email & your Edmentum messages. Fill out your PE Log.


DO NOT SKIP TUTORIALS or your instructors will fail you for that lesson;

DO NOT SKIP Unit Activities they are worth 10% of your final grade, try your best and talk to your teacher if you need help.


Be sure to check and see if your ICONS are Green, if they are in red you are behind and are in danger of failing the class and will not be able to compete in activities.


Check in with your Homeroom Teacher every day:

Grades TK-5 – Log into each of your classes and Learning Paths every day and check in with Mrs. Lagergren daily for your meeting times. Also, you should complete one Progress Check each week in ELA; Math; and Reading

Tech Helpline number is 760-221-7144.

Mr. Strey’s Stuff: Tech Information You Need To Know

Tech Line Hours 8:30-2:30 | Mon – Fri

Helpful Links:

Facebook-  https://www.facebook.com/ICAcademy1
Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/p/CZHvRO6pwUh/
To enroll today – https://independencecharteracademy.com/
Edmentum – https://www.edmentum.com/product-login
Aeries – https://helendalesd.asp.aeries.net/
Clever – Clever.com


Follow the instruction below to download – parents and staff can also download this app as well!

Scan the QR Code for onespot APP
Click on the QR code for the iOS instruction video
Click the one-spot picture for Chromebook directions.


Tutoring Schedules By Subject

Grades TK-5 Live Tutoring Schedule:

Grades TK-5 Live Tutoring Schedule

Grades 6-12 Live Tutoring Schedule:

Grades 6-12 Live Tutoring Schedule

Where Are They Now?

Every month we will highlight a former student from ICA

Spencer Neos - Independence Charter Academy

Spencer Neos is a 2017 graduate from Independence Charter Academy. Spencer was the Valedictorian of his senior class and finished with a 4.15 GPA and 32 college units. Spencer completed his AA Degree in 2018 and then went to Santa Monica College where he was a member of the school’s football team. Spencer accepted a football scholarship to South Florida where he is an effective long snapper for the football team. Spencer is involved in student ministry and is maintaining a superior 3.71 grade point average majoring in Secondary Education.


ASB wishes everyone a wonderful Spring Break! 

We are busy planning for our end of the year rally which will be held in May. The theme will be Hawaain Luau! You can expect to receive the zoom link in your school email. More details coming soon!

2022-2023 Virtual Field Trips
Pro Football Hall of Fame Inductees that have presented to ICA students this past year.


Attention Seniors! If you have not yet had your Cap and Gown Senior Photo taken please do so as soon as possible. You can have your photo taken in the Helendale office OR you can take your own picture and email it to hsaifi@helendalesd.com.

Your ICA Staff is working hard to put together a yearbook for the 2022-2023 school year. If you haven’t already, please be sure to stop by the ICA office to take your yearbook picture. Seniors please submit a baby picture as well.  Email them to Hsaifi@helendalesd.com  – We would also love to include any pictures of vacations, sports, and/or extracurricular activities you would like to share. Please send your pictures to hsaifi@helendalesd.com.

-Mrs. Saifi

Crist Counselor Corner

A vast majority of any job, including joining the military, requires a high school diploma as a minimum requirement.

If you have questions about the status of graduation for your student, please contact me at bcrist@helendalesd.com or call me a 760-952-1760.

Monday-Friday              4/3/23-4/7/23       Spring Break
Tuesday-Thursday          4/11/23-4/13/23   9:00 am State Testing grades 6-8 & 11 ELA
Tuesday-Thursday          4/11/23-4/13/23   1:00 pm Physical Education Grades 5,7,9
Tuesday-Thursday          4/18/23-4/20/23   9:00 am State Testing grades 6-8 & 11 Math
Tuesday-Thursday          4/11/23-4/13/23   1:00 pm Physical Education Grades 5,7,9
Graduation                     5/24/23
Last day of Semester      5/25/23

Graduation is coming soon, May 24, 2023 followed by last day of school on May 25, 2023. That means you have only about a month and a half to complete all the courses you are currently enrolled in. It is especially critical for seniors to complete all requirements by May 19, 2023. This date allows our teachers time to grade all last minute requirements and allow students to make any final adjustments.

Doctor Esposito’s (our principal) First Aid, CPR, and AED training class for all seniors is a graduation requirement and you must be present to receive credit. The FAFSA application for Federal Student Aid is also a Senior graduation requirement.

If you have not completed any of these requirements please contact me at bcrist@helendalesd.com…immediately!

Any high school student who is not a senior needs to assess how many credits they have earned to be promoted to the ensuing grade. For instance:

You are a 9th grade student until you have earned 50 credits.
You are a 10th grade student  if your credit total is between 50 and 100 credits.
You are an 11th grade student if your credit total is between 100 and 160 credits
Once you have earned more than 160 credits you are considered a 12th grade student.

You can check the number of credits you have earned by requesting a copy of your transcript. The high school transcript will  also let you know how many credits you have remaining to achieve graduation in each academic subject area.

You can get a copy of your transcript simply by requesting of Mr. Crist, ICA counselor.

If you have questions or concerns,  simply contact me at bcrist@helendalesd.com  I will be more than happy to assist you!

JROTC Events Update

On December 3rd our Troop marched and displayed our national colors in the Silverlakes Christmas Parade. We saw many spectators that saluted our flag as the cadets marched by giving the cadets a sense of pride and connection with our community.

Thank you all for making our efforts worthy and the JROTC Troop wants to thank our Veterans for their service.

On February 1st and 3rd our JROTC Troop Color Guard presented colors at the Girls and boys Basketball home games at ACE. It was a great experience for all of us and we thank Coach Marshall for letting us share pride in our nation and for watching a great and exciting game.

Also, our troop has begun a “Girls Clothing Closet” which is designed to give away girls clothing free for those young ladies in need. The sizes available are small, medium, and size ten. Any female students interested please call Mrs. Amanda Woolley at the ICA office (760) 952-1760. We honor you privacy and all “give aways” will be keep in the strictest confidence. This is JROTC’s way of helping our fellow lady students and because we care about our community.

This year we continue to reflect on our freedoms and our way of life as we try to come closer together as people of a great and wonderful nation.

We at Helendale School District are proud of the dedication and sense of duty that our Cadets continue to demonstrate in the face of academic and social challenges.

Among the JROTC’s primary goals is to provide Leadership and Citizenship instruction and skills to our cadets in hopes of continuing to build a cohesive unit that will participate in serving our community as they grow into patriotic, positive,and productive citizens.

We know how important it is for our students to interact and develop positive social skills and a sense of community and responsibility. We strive to help our Cadets understand and appreciate the importance of a value system that incorporates good morals, belief in oneself, community, and respect for our country and each other.

JROTC counts as an elective and or CTE credits and offers students scholarships and educational opportunities.  We are looking forward to increasing our membership and getting more students involved. We are currently working on expanding our JROTC program to include other schools within the district. More information is forthcoming.

If you are interested in joining, please contact Mr. Maldonado or Mr. Strey for further information. rmaldonado@helendalesd.com  Jstrey@helendalesd.com

On behalf of the JROTC Cadets and ICA staff, please take care of yourselves and your families.

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