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Elementary, Middle and High School News – March 2022

Elementary News State testing will be coming up soon. One of the things students often struggle with is computer skills. Lucky for you, you have a lot of practice on the computer, but how are your typing skills? We often get complacent, or lazy and use informal text (not capitalizing, […]

JROTC March News

Our JROTC program is going well considering the challenges that COVID-19 left us with. In this new year of 2022 let us reflect on our freedom and our way of life as we try to come closer together as people of a great and wonderful nation. We at ICA (Independence […]

Happy New Year! January 2022 Updates & ASB News

From the Desk of Dr. Esposito Dear Independence Charter Academy Students and Families, Happy New Year! We are starting the Spring semester here at ICA and the student will begin their second-semester classes. We are now completing our 2022 Strategic Planning Surveys and ask if you could take two minutes […]

Elementary, Middle and High School News – January 2022

Elementary News Start your year off with some new reading goals! Can you commit to reading a new type of book or story? A new genre or author? A chapter, section, or number of pages a day? Work on comprehension strategies like: visualizing, connecting to prior knowledge, retelling, making inferences, […]

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